End-of-Semester theory Examinations for Part – I, Part – II core courses and allied courses and Part – IV courses, Job-oriented courses, Advanced Learners courses and Career oriented Programmes are held in November and April every academic year. Practical Examinations are conducted prior to the theory examinations. Time-table for examinations is displayed well in advance i.e. 20 days prior to the commencement of examination and the Hall tickets are issued to eligible students, 5 days before the commencement of examination.

Examination Duration
Particluars Forenoon Session Afternoon Session
Students should occupy the allotted seats 9.15 a.m. 1.15 p.m.
Issue of Answer paper 9.25 a.m. 1.25 p.m.
Issue of question paper 9.30 a.m. 1.30 p.m.
Caution bell to arrange drop 12.15 p.m. 4.15 p.m
Submission of answer script to the


12.30 p.m. 4.30 p.m.


The duration of End-of-Semester theory examinations is three hours. The time schedule for the examinations from April 2009 is as follows :

Evaluation of Extension Activities

The student’s performance will be examined by the Staff-in-charge of the extension activities mentioned in part V subjects, with the following parameters. Fifty marks shall be awarded per semester.

Total marks 50 (CIA only) will be alotted as follows:

10 marks for regularity of attendance.

30 marks for active participation in camps / games / special camps / representation in College/ District/State/University activities.

5 marks for exemplary awards/certificates/prizes.

5 marks for other social components such as Blood Donation, Fine Arts etc.,


A student who passes current paper(s) can reappear for the same paper(s) in the succeeding End-of-Semester Examination only, for improving his/her marks. Re-appearance for improvement is allowed for theory and practical subjects of all semesters, except for the final semester subjects. Revised mark statement will be issued after withdrawing the previous one, if the marks obtained in improvement are higher than the marks secured earlier. When there is no improvement, there shall not be any change in the original marks already awarded. The

improved marks shall be considered for classification but not for ranking.


Students who fail in the End-of-Semester Examinations can write arrear examinations to be held along with the subsequent regular End-of- Semester Examinations or separately.


Candidates who fail in any of the papers under Part I, II, III & IV of the UG End-of-Semester Examinations and Core & Elective papers of the PG End-of-Semester examinations shall complete the paper concerned within 5 years from the date of admission to the particular courses. If they fail to do so, they shall take the examination in the texts/revised regulations/ syllabus of the paper prescribed for the subsequent batch of candidates, in force at the time of their reappearance. In the event of the removal of that paper consequent to change of regulation and / or curriculum after 5-year period, the candidate shall have to take up an equivalent paper in the revised syllabus as suggested by the Chairman, Board of Studies concerned.



UG candidates may apply for re-totalling/revaluation/photocopy of valued answer scripts, to the Controller of Examinations through the Heads of Departments and Principal, in the prescribed forms, remitting the prescribed fee within 10 days from the date of publication of results. Revaluation/obtaining photocopy of answer scripts is permissible for the current semester papers and for any arrear paper.

Those who wish to apply for the revaluation of final semester papers can do so within five days from the date of publication of results.

Revised mark statement will be issued after withdrawing the previous one, if the marks obtained in revaluation/retotalling are higher than the marks obtained earlier. In other cases, the original marks obtained earlier will be retained and the matter will be intimated to the student concerned as “No change’.

A candidate who applies for revaluation need not apply for retotalling.

Candidates, who desire to apply for revaluation after obtaining photocopy of the valued answer scripts, can do so within 7 days from the date of receipt of the photocopy, remitting the prescribed fee for revaluation.


In order to provide an opportunity for the final UG and PG students to complete the programmes in the same year itself and help them vertical mobility, special supplementary End-of-Semester Examinations will be conducted in about 20 days from the date of publication of results every year for the candidates who fail by only one paper of the Six semesters. Students, who wish to apply for special supplementary End-of-Semester Examinations, can do so within 7 days from the date of publication of results.

The examination fee for special supplementary examination will be three times that of the regular fee per theory paper/practical.


For the Candidates who have completed the duration of the course and left the College, all information regarding Regular and Supplementary Examinations, results, issue of certificates and application for Graduation will be available in the College website www.ngmc.org and general notice board of the College. Regular students will however be informed of the examinations by circulation, in addition to the modes mentioned above. No candidate will be individually communicated.