It is the responsibility of the Controller of Examinations office to:

  • Ensure that all programs adhere to the Institute’s academic calendar by conducting impartial and punctual exams.
  • Choose evaluators for creating and grading theory course tests.
  • Form an evaluation committee for practical or project assessments.
  • After receiving approval from the Result Passing Board (RPB), prepare the grades and announce the results. Provide grade reports.
  • The analysis of results must be presented to the Academic Council for approval.
  • Suggestion for granting academic degrees to eligible individuals.
  • The COE’s responsibilities extend beyond the aforementioned tasks. Among other duties, the office provides students with certified transcripts, ensures the legitimacy of grade sheets and certificates issued by the Institute, and oversees the annual Graduation Day ceremony.
  • At the moment, the administration of the COE office is under the leadership of a Controller of Examination, who is being aided by a Deputy Controller, along with a team consisting of thirteen highly qualified and experienced members.