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NGM College COE has introduced an online certificate genuineness verification service. This service is a one-stop-shop for individuals and employers to verify whether a certificate has been issued by NGM College and that it is genuine. The process of using the online certificate genuineness verification service is relatively simple.
  1. To begin, individuals need to select the service request for verification and enter their certificate details. This information includes the certificate number, the name of the candidate, and the date of issue.
  2. Once the necessary information is entered, it’s time to upload the certificate for verification. The process requires individuals to make a payment for the verification request. This fee varies depending on the type of certificate and the urgency of verification.
  3. After the payment is made, the uploaded document is sent for verification. Once the certificate is verified, individuals receive a verified document in their myeasydocs locker. Myeasydocs is a secure cloud-based digital locker that stores individuals’ verified documents. The locker ensures that the verified certificate cannot be tampered with and is always accessible to the individual.
  4. Individuals can submit their verified certificate worldwide. The verification process provides employers and other institutions with confidence that the certificate issued is genuine. This service provides a secure and reliable way to verify individuals’ credentials, protecting the reputation of NGM College and enhancing the value of the certificates issued.


Select service request for verification & enter details


Upload document & make payment for verification request


Once verified, Recieve verified document in myeasydocs locker


Submit your verified document worldwide

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